Obstreperous in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Obstreperous

noisy and difficult to control

Examples of Obstreperous in a sentence

1. Because my nephew is obstreperous, he often gets in trouble at school.  🔉

2. The teenagers became obstreperous when their school team lost the football game. 🔉

3. When my husband drinks too many beers, he becomes obstreperous. 🔉

4. The football fans were obstreperous throughout the championship game. 🔉

5. Since the defendant was obstreperous during the trial, he was kicked out of the courtroom by the judge. 🔉

6. The obstreperous teenagers were asked to leave the movie theater. 🔉

7. After winning the battle, the obstreperous troops had to be calmed down by their commanding officer. 🔉

8. If you see me at a dance club with my friends, you might think I am obstreperous because I like having a fun time.  🔉

9. When you are inside of a library, you should be quiet not obstreperous. 🔉

10. The obstreperous puppy whimpered all night and kept everyone awake. 🔉

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