Dubiously in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dubiously

to express doubt or suspicion

Examples of Dubiously in a sentence

Tom's parents reacted dubiously to the news of his plans to drop out of college and start a business, as they were concerned about the risks and uncertainties involved.  🔊

Tom looked at the invitation dubiously, as he wasn't sure if he wanted to attend the event or not.  🔊

Chloe listened dubiously to the rumors circulating around the office.  🔊

Olivia looked dubiously at the pile of homework on her desk.  🔊

Emma tilted her head dubiously as she tried to make sense of the instructions.  🔊

Emma's boss raised an eyebrow dubiously when she requested a raise and a promotion, as she had only been with the company for a few months and had not yet proven herself.  🔊

David stared dubiously at the long list of ingredients on the back of the package.  🔊

Tom and Alice's neighbors watched dubiously as they tore down the old shed in their backyard and started building a new addition to their house, as they were curious about the plans and permits involved.  🔊

Ryan's colleagues greeted his announcement of a new project dubiously, as they were skeptical of its feasibility and the potential benefits it would bring.  🔊

Tyler listened dubiously as his friend described his wild weekend.  🔊

Adam looked dubiously at the strange object he had found in the woods.  🔊

Liam shrugged dubiously, unconvinced by his brother's argument.  🔊

Jake peered dubiously into the dark depths of the well.  🔊

Sarah raised an eyebrow dubiously as she listened to the salesman pitch.  🔊

Alice stared dubiously at the strange-looking food on her plate, unsure of whether she would like it or not.  🔊

Rachel examined the painting dubiously, unsure of its value.  🔊

Emma's friends reacted dubiously to her announcement that she was going to run for political office, as they were unsure of her qualifications and experience in that field.  🔊

Emma listened dubiously to the sales pitch, as she was skeptical of the claims being made and the high price of the product.  🔊

Ryan regarded the job offer dubiously, as he wasn't convinced it was the right fit for him and his career goals.  🔊

Alice's friends looked dubiously at her when she told them she was planning to move to a different country to pursue her dreams, as they were worried about her safety and wellbeing.  🔊

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