Dubiousness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dubiousness

a state of uncertainty or doubt

Examples of Dubiousness in a sentence

The dubiousness of the claims made by the politician was clear to anyone who took the time to read the fine print and do their own research.  🔊

The dubiousness of the company's financial records raised concerns among investors.  🔊

Alice's dubiousness about the reliability of the data was well-founded, as it was later revealed that the sources were unreliable and the methodology was flawed.  🔊

The dubiousness of the conspiracy theory was obvious to anyone who examined the evidence and applied critical thinking skills, as it was full of holes and inconsistencies.  🔊

Ryan's dubiousness about the honesty of the salesmanperson was justified, as it was later discovered that the product was overpriced and of poor quality.  🔊

The dubiousness of the stranger's claim was evident in the way he hesitated when answering questions.  🔊

Tom and Alice's dubiousness about the company's future prospects was shared by many of their colleagues, as the market was volatile and the competition was fierce.  🔊

Emma's dubiousness about the credibility of the witness was supported by the inconsistencies in their testimony and the lack of corroborating evidence.  🔊

The dubiousness of the product's effectiveness was demonstrated in the lack of customer satisfaction.  🔊

The dubiousness of the reported sightings of the creature was confirmed by the lack of physical evidence.  🔊

The dubiousness of the politician's promises became apparent as more information was revealed.  🔊

The dubiousness of the rumor was quickly dispelled by those in the know.  🔊

The dubiousness of the eyewitness's testimony was exposed during cross-examination.  🔊

Emma's dubiousness about the effectiveness of the new product was confirmed by the results of the customer survey, which showed a low level of satisfaction and a high rate of returns.  🔊

Alice's dubiousness about the safety of the new medication was reinforced by the warnings and precautions listed on the label, as well as the reports of side effects and adverse reactions.  🔊

The dubiousness of the alleged cure for cancer was met with skepticism by the scientific community.  🔊

Tom's dubiousness about the new policy was evident in the way he raised skeptical questions and expressed concerns during the meeting.  🔊

The dubiousness of the excuse was obvious to everyone in the room.  🔊

The dubiousness of the investment opportunity was clear to those who did their research.  🔊

Ryan's dubiousness about the feasibility of the project was vindicated when the cost estimates and time frames proved to be unrealistic and overly optimistic.  🔊

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