Earnestness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Earnestness

the quality of being serious, sincere, and determined

Examples of Earnestness in a sentence

The earnestness with which Ava tackled her assignment earned her the praise of her teacher.  🔊

In order to earn the trust of his peers, Ryan demonstrated his earnestness through his actions, consistently showing up on time and delivering high-quality work.  🔊

The judge was impressed by the earnestness with which Isabella argued her case in court.  🔊

Emma's earnestness was one of the reasons she was chosen for the leadership role in her organization, as she consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence.  🔊

The earnestness with which Jacob approached his studies inspired his classmates to work harder.  🔊

The earnestness of the actors in their performance was palpable, drawing the audience into the story.  🔊

The earnestness of the rescue team's efforts was evident as they worked tirelessly to save the stranded hikers.  🔊

Despite the challenges she faced, Alice remained earnest in her efforts to succeed, putting in long hours and never giving up.  🔊

Sophia's earnestness was evident in the way she approached her work, always striving for excellence.  🔊

Tom's earnestness was evident in the way he approached his work and relationships with a sense of purpose and dedication.  🔊

The earnestness with which Max approached his art was evident in the intricate detail of his paintings.  🔊

Despite her setbacks, Alice remained earnest in her pursuit of her dreams, never losing sight of what she wanted to accomplish and always pushing herself to be the best she could be.  🔊

Ryan's earnestness was contagious, and he inspired those around him to pursue their goals with passion, reminding them of the importance of hard work and perseverance.  🔊

Tom's earnestness helped him to form deep and meaningful connections with others, as people could sense his sincerity and integrity in everything he did.  🔊

Emma's earnestness in pursuing her goals was admirable and she quickly gained the respect of those around her.  🔊

Alice's earnestness was often misinterpreted as naivety, but she knew the value of staying true to her beliefs and principles, even when it was difficult or unpopular.  🔊

Tom's earnestness was evident in the way he listened attentively to others and asked thoughtful questions, showing a genuine interest in their thoughts and opinions.  🔊

Ryan's earnestness in preparing for the debate competition paid off as he emerged victorious.  🔊

Emma's earnestness was refreshing in a world full of cynicism and skepticism, and she always approached each new task with enthusiasm and optimism.  🔊

Olivia's earnestness in her role as team captain helped to guide her team to success.  🔊

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