Ecologist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ecologist

a scientist who studies how plants and animals interact with their physical environment

Examples of Ecologist in a sentence

Clipboard in hand, the ecologist set out across the savannah to record information about the water sources for the antelope.  🔊

Although she felt like a decrease in sunlight was not the cause of the hippo’s illness, the ecologist could not rule it out.  🔊

The ecologist’s hypothesis is that the rescued cats are sick because of an environmental illness, but more research is needed to confirm.  🔊

With the ecologist in agreement, the elephant’s trainer pushed the circus to retire the exhausted beast to a better atmosphere.  🔊

In a split decision, the lead ecologist ruled that the plants be removed from the panda’s habitat so that his dietary issues would improve.  🔊

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