Easement in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Easement

entitled to utilize another person’s property for a specific purpose

Examples of Easement in a sentence

Due to the slope of the land, all of the surrounding neighbors used it as an easement for rain runoff. 🔊

When the new owners moved into the home, they sued their neighbors for using their wooded area as an easement for dumping their leaves. 🔊

Since the yard of the front house was the only way of accessing entry into the park, an easement was created as a pathway that ran along the border of the yard. 🔊

The only way to cross the river was by going through the owner’s land which was an easement.  🔊

Prior to the establishment of the easement, the neighbor was angry at the thought that he would have to share his land even though he owned it.  🔊

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