Eke in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Eke

to do something with much determination and strength

Examples of Eke in a sentence

1. After practicing twice a day, the Deerfield soccer team was finally able to eke out one victory against their rival before the season ended. 🔉

2. By working two minimum-wage jobs, Kathy was barely able to eke out a living with the money she made. 🔉

3. Sarah was able to eke out a win during the Jeopardy game after she answered one more question correctly before the final round. 🔉

4. In the difficult English class, Evan managed to eke out a passing grade by studying all night for the final exam. 🔉

5. While raising her younger siblings and working a part-time job, Karen decided to eke out her high school diploma knowing the importance of her education. 🔉

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