Emblazon in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Emblazon

to decorate something with a noticeable design or symbol

Examples of Emblazon in a sentence

My crafty sister-in-law was able to emblazon my t-shirt with a glittery monogram.  🔊

The armor crafters used red and yellow to emblazon a dragon on the knight’s suit.  🔊

The company offered free gear as a perk to employees, but only if they could emblazon the company logo somewhere on the front.  🔊

The owner of the market was offered a large sum of money to allow the local plant to emblazon their emblem on the side of the building.  🔊

Using a sewing machine, the seamstress was able to emblazon the school insignia on the front of the student’s uniforms.  🔊

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