Enraptured in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Enraptured

filled with joy or pleasure

Examples of Enraptured in a sentence

Because I was marrying the man I loved, I was enraptured as I walked down the aisle.  🔊

My dog is always enraptured when I return home from work.  🔊

When John was reunited with his missing daughter, he was enraptured.  🔊

The greedy child is enraptured at the sight of a chocolate chip cookie.  🔊

Cindy is enraptured every time she walks through the beautiful garden.  🔊

If you are enraptured whenever you are near animals, you might want to consider becoming a veterinarian.  🔊

The pregnant woman was enraptured every time she ate her favorite dish.  🔊

As soon as the last note was played, the enraptured audience began applauding the orchestra’s performance.  🔊

Anna was enraptured as she watched her daughter’s baptism ceremony.  🔊

When Margaret received her marriage proposal, she was so enraptured she did not stop smiling for weeks.  🔊

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