Irrefutable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Irrefutable

that which cannot be proven false

Examples of Irrefutable in a sentence

The police arrested their suspect only after obtaining irrefutable proof he was the robber. 🔊

When Jack received the results of the lab test, he had irrefutable evidence he was not the father of Miriam’s child. 🔊

Genetic testing supports the scientist's theory that the link between the two species is irrefutable. 🔊

Because the jury did not have irrefutable evidence, they could not find the defendant guilty of the crime. 🔊

The fact William started to feel better after taking the medication is irrefutable poof the drug works. 🔊

Even though I suspected my eyes were failing me, the optometrist’s confirmation was irrefutable. 🔊

The massive destruction left in the city by the hurricane is irrefutable and proves the wave barriers were not effective. 🔊

While Jenna thinks she is physically fit, her bathroom scale is irrefutable proof she is overweight. 🔊

The videotape contained irrefutable evidence of the defendant’s guilt. 🔊

Before the product goes on the market, there must be irrefutable validation it does not pose a danger to consumers. 🔊

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