Eponymous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Eponymous

a title or name that is derived from another name

Examples of Eponymous in a sentence

The singer’s first album was eponymous and carried her name as the record title. 🔊

In the film the hero, for whom the eponymous movie is named, dies in a fiery plane crash.  🔊

There are many fashion designers who make their clothing lines eponymous by naming the lines after themselves. 🔊

When John Cleave introduced his shoe collection, he did not surprise anyone with its eponymous title, Cleave.  🔊

Comets are known to bear the eponymous names of their discoverers.  🔊

Although the author claims to be impartial to her own name, all of her titles have been eponymous in some manner.  🔊

Many talk shows have eponymous titles that contain their hosts’ names.  🔊

In European history, many eras have eponymous names, which hail from the monarchs who reigned during those periods.  🔊

Some of the greatest novels in history bear the names of the books’ heroes and heroines as their eponymous titles.  🔊

When the comedian debuted his eponymous sitcom, he drew an audience of over ten million people with his self-titled show.  🔊

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