Physiognomy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Physiognomy

the face or exterior of an object or region viewed as a way of understanding character

Examples of Physiognomy in a sentence

Looking at Jake’s physiognomy, it was impossible to ignore the stress lines that told the story of his hard life.  🔊

The skeptical scientist did not believe the art of physiognomy was an accurate way to judge a person’s character.  🔊

During the trial, the defendant’s physiognomy turned dark when the prosecuting attorney attacked him on the stand.  🔊

It was obvious from the building’s exterior physiognomy that it had once been a drive-thru restaurant.  🔊

As I looked at Lee’s physiognomy, I was able to detect distinct facial features, which made me suspect he was a native of a European country.  🔊

The physiognomy of the world’s continents has led scientists to believe they were all connected at one time.  🔊

After the veterinarian looked over Poogie’s unique physiognomy, he realized Poogie was not a purebred canine.  🔊

The blind woman used her hands to explore the man’s facial physiognomy.  🔊

At birth, the identical twins had the same physiognomy.  🔊

The physiognomy of the sculpture revealed a great deal about the artist’s mindset.  🔊

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