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Definition of Ersatz

replicated from something else yet lacking the original qualities

Examples of Ersatz in a sentence

Do you believe the ersatz beach created by the city will appeal to those who love the natural features of the seashore? 🔊

Before segregation ended, minorities were given an ersatz education that was not equal to the education received by their white peers. 🔊

The art expert quickly recognized the ersatz painting as a fake. 🔊

In the movie, the lead character created an ersatz version of his dead wife. 🔊

There is no way an ersatz pizza made with soy cheese can ever compare to a real Italian pizza. 🔊

At his trial, the defendant argued he could not be charged with selling drugs since his ersatz cocaine was made out of flour and salt. 🔊

The dishonest street vendor tried to pass off his ersatz purses as designer goods. 🔊

When the chef saw his apprentice using ersatz vanilla flavoring, he scolded the young man for using low quality ingredients. 🔊

The jeweler immediately noticed the flaws in the ersatz diamond. 🔊

Unfortunately, the ersatz candy I made at home did not taste as good as the store bought product. 🔊

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