Atrocity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Atrocity

a horrific action

Examples of Atrocity in a sentence

The atrocity of the murders stunned the entire city. 🔊

To death penalty opponents, capital punishment is a huge atrocity. 🔊

The soldier’s act of atrocity earned him a dishonorable discharge from the military and a fifty-year prison sentence. 🔊

When the president learned of the dictator’s atrocity, he promised to help remove the cruel leader from power. 🔊

The racist men watched as their friend performed a sexual atrocity on the black woman. 🔊

Since the writer witnessed the bloody battle firsthand, he had no trouble describing the atrocity of the event. 🔊

The murder of the senior citizens showed the disturbed killer would not hesitate to commit an atrocity. 🔊

At this time, no organization has taken credit for the atrocity that sank the cruise ship. 🔊

The 911 operator’s drinking problem led to an atrocity that resulted in the deaths of three children. 🔊

After the bombing, the citizens of the country were unified in sorrow by the terroristic atrocity. 🔊

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