Ethnocentrism in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ethnocentrism

the idea that one person’s ethnicity is superior to all other ethnicities

Examples of Ethnocentrism in a sentence

My grandmother’s ethnocentrism leads her to believe her religion is the only real religion.  🔊

Because my father’s marital beliefs are rooted in his ethnocentrism, he does not believe I should marry outside of my race.  🔊

Ethnocentrism is at the root of racism because it allows one faction of people to believe it is superior to another faction.  🔊

If you are guided by ethnocentrism, you will always find fault with people who are not members of your ethnic group.  🔊

Believing all people should speak one language, your language, is a form of ethnocentrism.  🔊

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