Eutrophication in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Eutrophication

the process of intense vegetation growth in a body of water caused by massive nutrient inflow from runoff

Examples of Eutrophication in a sentence

The eutrophication process kills most animals in a body of water because all of the plants that grow there steal all of the oxygen.  🔊

Eutrophication is caused when too much nutrient runoff gets into a body of water and causes rapid plant growth, depriving living organisms of oxygen.  🔊

Eutrophication is most likely to occur in areas with heavy rain, in which that rain creates nutrient runoff into a river or lake.  🔊

The eutrophication process cannot occur in the ocean because the amount of water disperses nutrients too far and wide to grow enough plants to rob animals of oxygen.  🔊

While eutrophication can create a great deal of plant life in the water, it also results in a near complete lack of animal life.  🔊

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