Expire in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Expire

for something, most often a period of time, to end

Examples of Expire in a sentence

My contract with the client I work for is set to expire in six months, after which I’ll need to find a new source of work.  🔊

The milk I bought at the store will be fresh for some time, but that two week timeframe will expire sooner than I expect if I don’t drink it soon.  🔊

My driver’s license will be valid for a few more months, but come May it will expire, and I’ll have to get it renewed.  🔊

The current year will expire at exactly midnight on December thirty-first, ushering in the new year which will not expire for another three hundred and sixty five days.  🔊

The store’s sale will expire in exactly three hours and forty seven minutes, so we had best hurry over there and buy what we need before it’s over.  🔊

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