Extant in a Sentence  πŸ”‰

Definition of Extant

still around; not extinct

Examples of Extant in a sentence

1. The extant writings of the ancient philosopher are still quite popular with philosophy students. πŸ”‰

2. Because the jazz singer did not record many of her songs, a number of her best tunes are not extant today. πŸ”‰

3. Although the painter is dead, many of his paintings are extant and available for viewing in the museum named after him. πŸ”‰

4. At thirty-two years of age, Jordan is the extant child who will not move out of her parents’ house.  πŸ”‰

5. The researcher was surprised to learn the species he thought was extinct was only extant and living solely in a tiny country.  πŸ”‰

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