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Definition of Contemporary

quite recent

Examples of Contemporary in a sentence

While young people tend to prefer contemporary music, the older generation prefers to listen to music from the 1970’s and the 1980’s.  🔊

The art critic who was used to reviewing pieces from the 1930’s and 1940’s did not have anything positive to say about contemporary art.  🔊

As I search for my new home, I am looking for a contemporary property that was built in the last five years.  🔊

Contemporary medicine is much more effective than the medicines produced twenty years ago.  🔊

When my grandmother went furniture shopping, she had no interest in the contemporary pieces and went directly to the pieces that made her think of her upbringing.  🔊

The contemporary restaurant opened last month and utilizes iPads at each table to send orders to the kitchen.  🔊

As a contemporary painter, Edward is always experimenting with new painting styles to inspire his creativity.  🔊

The old bridge is soon to be replaced by a more contemporary crossing.  🔊

When I ordered from the contemporary cuisine menu, I expected something new and exciting, not a plate of fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.  🔊

Contemporary dance is a modern style of dance that focuses on improvisation and fluid movement.  🔊

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