Feed in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Feed

to eat or provide food for someone else to eat

Examples of Feed in a sentence

My grandparents were kind enough to feed me and my cousins when we came over to visit, since we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. 🔊

Because an infant doesn’t have fine motor control skills just yet, it is often the job of the parent to feed them food. 🔊

Even a domestic dog will feed on a rotting carcass if it is hungry enough to be starving, which is why they should be fed regularly. 🔊

Desiring a midnight snack, I decided to feed on the leftover pizza we had from the night before.  🔊

You are not supposed to feed bears in the wild, because they will come back for more if they are lead to believe that humans are a reliable food source.  🔊

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