Ferocity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ferocity

the condition of being ferocious

Examples of Ferocity in a sentence

Even though my Chihuahua is tiny, he snarls and barks with such ferocity that most people tend to stay away. 🔊

The tornadoes blew through the town with a ferocity that turned most of the magnificent, century-old homes into matchsticks. 🔊

As Joseph boasted about his participation in the fight, Mary Jane saw a look of ferocity on his face that she had never seen before. 🔊

The fighters were throwing punches with such ferocity that the referee had to stop the fight in the third round. 🔊

There is probably nothing in the natural world to equal the ferocity of a mother protecting her young. 🔊

After half a day of battle, the soldiers had lost all their ferocity and were just fighting to survive. 🔊

Mrs. Davis shouted with such ferocity that the startled boys immediately stopped brawling and stood still to receive their punishment. 🔊

The cruelty and ferocity of Blackbeard the pirate inspired many terrifying stories of murder and mayhem on the high seas. 🔊

During the 1800s, Indian warriors painted their faces with war paint before battle to give them an appearance of ferocity. 🔊

With uncharacteristic ferocity, Sam announced that he would find out who had poisoned his dog and take revenge. 🔊

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