Bellicose in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Bellicose

demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight; eager for war

Examples of Bellicose in a sentence

Don't cop that bellicose attitude with your mother!  🔊

John had a bellicose personality which made him a fierce competitor during wrestling competitions.  🔊

His bellicose behavior at the party ensured that he would not be invited again.  🔊

Since she was constantly abused by her ex-husband, it is not surprising that she comes across as bellicose to men who approach her.  🔊

The patient who took the new drug suddenly became erratic and bellicose.  🔊

After eating too many cupcakes, the young boy jumped on the couch and began to leap around in a bellicose manner.  🔊

Talk trash about my father again and I'll show you how bellicose I can be!  🔊

The bellicose man approached me, eager to fight.  🔊

If you must get bellicose with me, then I'll call the police.  🔊

Your bellicose nature will get you into serious trouble someday!  🔊

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