Fjord in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fjord

a lengthy but thin body of water stretching through steep bluffs on either side

Examples of Fjord in a sentence

Sailing proved difficult for the expert boaters when they tried to cruise through the fjord without hitting the rocky sides.  🔊

Even the risky teenagers refused to dive into the fjord due to the height of the cliffs and the unknown depth of the river below.  🔊

A backdrop of the fjord with the river snaking through the rugged rocks could have been on a picture postcard.  🔊

Instead of traveling through the fjord, the cargo boat realized it would be easier to maneuver through the crowded waterway because it is less confining.  🔊

Extreme whitewater rafting is popular in the fjord due to its difficult rapids and narrow waterway.  🔊

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