Flagellate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Flagellate

to punish by severely whipping for a certain purpose

Examples of Flagellate in a sentence

Believed to be abuse, the parents’ use of punishment for their children was to flagellate them using a heavy belt.  🔊

American citizens feared the courts would flagellate them for vandalizing cars in Singapore leaving strap marks on their backs.  🔊

When Sarah’s sister refused to return her cashmere sweater, Sarah took it upon herself to flagellate her sister’s arm leaving a large red mark.  🔊

During the religious ceremony, the members were required to flagellate themselves with the sacred rod as an act of devotion to their god.  🔊

Every rider would flagellate the horse with his riding crop leaving bloody tears in its skin in order to calm the horse down.  🔊

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