Formulate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Formulate

to create, produce, or prepare something carefully

Examples of Formulate in a sentence

It is difficult to formulate an effective plan under pressure. 🔊

Her friends helped her formulate a project that would get her a good grade. 🔊

A successful business is started when you formulate a strategy for making money. 🔊

The scientist worked to formulate a mixture that would clean his counters more effectively. 🔊

With only an hour before their parents arrived, the boys had to formulate a way to clean the house. 🔊

A teacher must formulate a careful study guide if she wants to give her students the best chance of success. 🔊

Trapped between a rock and a hard place, he had to formulate an escape plan. 🔊

Gatorade hoped to formulate a sports drink that would really help athletes perform. 🔊

The doctor wanted to formulate a treatment plan that would help his patient get back to work. 🔊

He worked to formulate a plan that would win the attention of his new love interest. 🔊

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