Entail in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Entail

to require or involve

Examples of Entail in a sentence

Since I have never been married, I am unsure of what my wifely duties will entail. 🔊

The holiday party for three hundred guests will entail a lot of work from the event planner. 🔊

Winning the war will entail sending ten thousand soldiers to a foreign country. 🔊

How much effort would it entail for me to get a patent on my product? 🔊

Starting a restaurant would entail monetary sacrifices on my part. 🔊

Before you take the job, you should know it would entail a lot of late night hours. 🔊

The school project will entail a great deal of research. 🔊

If you are considering adopting children, be aware that parenting does entail many personal sacrifices. 🔊

The trip to Ghana from the United States will entail a number of layovers. 🔊

Although the surgery will entail a small amount of risk, I will do anything to be able to walk again. 🔊

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