Accomplish in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Accomplish

to achieve or complete something

Examples of Accomplish in a sentence

Even though I used to be pretty bad at mathematics, through hard work and dedication I was able to accomplish my goal of getting an A in the class as my final grade.  🔊

Thanks to the brave men that fought their hardest during World War Two, we were able to accomplish the grand objective of stopping a fascist regime from taking over the world.  🔊

Were it not for the efforts of the Wright brothers, who knows how long it would have taken for mankind to accomplish the feat of flight?  🔊

I don’t know when we’ll be able to accomplish our dream of colonizing other planets in our solar system, but I imagine that it will be many years from now.  🔊

With lots of practice and determination, the talented figure skater was able to make it to the Olympics and accomplish the incredible feat of earning a gold medal.  🔊

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