Fracture in a Sentence  ðŸ”Š

Definition of Fracture

when an object cracks without necessarily completely breaking to pieces

Examples of Fracture in a sentence

She gaped in horror as the soft ice began to fracture beneath her feet.  ðŸ”Š

When the cheerleader fell from the top of the pyramid, she landed on her arm, but luckily it was just a fracture and she'd be fine in time for competition.  ðŸ”Š

The fracture in the rock was so big she could almost fit her finger inside.  ðŸ”Š

Jenna rushed to pick up the egg that rolled off the counter and was relieved to find that apart from a slight fracture in the side, the egg did not completed crack.  ðŸ”Š

The greatest known fracture on earth is the Grand Canyon.  ðŸ”Š

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