Germane in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Germane

relating to a subject in an appropriate way

Examples of Germane in a sentence

Since we were running out of time, our professor asked us to limit our questions to those germane to today’s lecture. 🔊

I do not have to answer your questions because they are not germane to the case!  🔊

If you post anything other than germane comments beneath this article, you will be banned from the site. 🔊

The president will only respond to media questions that are germane to the economic crisis.  🔊

Although Phil made some interesting points, he did not offer anything germane to our discussion.  🔊

The councilman tried to steer the discussion back to germane topics that were actually on the agenda.  🔊

On the test, students were asked to identify the portion of the story that was not germane to the plot and could be removed without changing the storyline.  🔊

The actress refused to respond to any queries, which were not germane to her latest movie.  🔊

As a potential car buyer, you should not be afraid to ask germane questions that relate to a vehicle’s features.  🔊

Only facts that are germane to the case will be shared with the jury.  🔊

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