Grandiose in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Grandiose

appearing to be impressive but not really possible or practical

Examples of Grandiose in a sentence

The idea of throwing a party on top of the swimming pool seemed quite grandiose to everyone in the room.  🔊

When the drug company announced its new weight-loss product, it made some grandiose promises about instant weight reduction.  🔊

Uncle Adam is prone to making grandiose statements about his wealth when he is drunk.  🔊

After hearing about the grandiose eight-bedroom house, I decided it was way too big for a family of three.  🔊

The billionaire has this grandiose idea about building a house on Mars.  🔊

At one time, everyone thought the concept of a portable phone was a grandiose idea that would never be executed.  🔊

Why would anyone want to build a grandiose office building in such a tiny town?  🔊

Because I want the party to be a grandiose affair, I am using all of my savings to have the event catered by a famous chef.  🔊

The lottery commercials appeal to consumers by leading them to believe they too can have grandiose lives filled with champagne parties and limousine rides.  🔊

After my mother heard a bunch of grandiose lies, she willing gave the con man all her money.  🔊

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