Gimmick in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gimmick

a new concept or plan which gets noticed but really is worthless

Examples of Gimmick in a sentence

The salesman’s gimmick was to lure teenagers into purchasing the new cell phone for its secret messaging system, but this feature really didn’t work.  🔊

Commercials usually have a gimmick to their products because they seldom work exactly as they did on the advertisement.  🔊

When the telemarketer told me that I could get a $10,000 check if I gave him my credit card number, I knew it was a gimmick because I would only lose money.  🔊

The store could rarely sell their electronics after people caught on to their “Buy one, get one free” gimmick when the company initially doubled the price of their electronics.  🔊

No one would give the young man money to find some buried treasure because they knew it was a gimmick when he showed them a child’s map.  🔊

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