Feint in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Feint

a deceptive look or act

Examples of Feint in a sentence

The child’s feint involved pretending to be ill so he would not have to face his bullies at school.  🔊

Looking at the surveillance tapes, the security chief quickly noticed the feint the man used to steal watches from the jeweler.  🔊

The police watched as the drug dealer swapped duffel bags during the feint.  🔊

Now the jury must decide if the plaintiff is presenting a feint to win a settlement or if he has sustained an injury caused by the defendant.  🔊

The heartbroken youth put on a feint of nonchalance so his friends would not see how hurt he was by his ex-girlfriend’s actions.  🔊

During the chess match, the crafty player used a feint to distract his opponent from his real intentions.  🔊

The basketball player exhibited a clever feint when he pretended to pass the ball and then leaped up for the game-winning shot.  🔊

Although Miss America wore a feint of joy to hide her feelings, she was upset about placing second in the Miss Universe competition.  🔊

The casino was not fooled by the man’s feint of innocence when he was caught cheating at blackjack.  🔊

Even though Jason was worried about his wife’s health, he hoped his feint would prevent her from seeing his distress.  🔊

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