Suborn in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Suborn

successfully influence a person to commit a crime or do something wrong

Examples of Suborn in a sentence

Through her charm and evil ways, a greedy woman might suborn an innocent stranger to kill her husband in order to get her husband’s life insurance money.  🔊

Due to the teen’s testimony, this evidence proved in court that the young man did suborn the teenager into committing robbery on his behalf.  🔊

After the child was caught with the store’s unpaid clothing in her pocket, she became aware that her friend had suborn her into shoplifting.  🔊

Even though most people thought Mary Surratt was involved in Lincoln’s assassination, some believed that others had suborn her unknowingly into the conspiracy.  🔊

Once the jailed man realized that his friends did suborn him with committing the house theft, the man decided to retaliate and testify against them.  🔊

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