Grievance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Grievance

an aggravation or complaint

Examples of Grievance in a sentence

As Phil typed his grievance about the store’s poor customer service, he hoped he would receive a response from the corporate office.  🔊

Because of a grievance, I have not spoken to my best friend in over two weeks.  🔊

The dishonest police chief ignored my grievance against one of his officers.  🔊

Janet’s grievance against her neighbor has turned into a civil lawsuit.  🔊

The company’s grievance policy requires you to contact your direct supervisor to make a sexual harassment claim.  🔊

When my roommate started to host late night parties at our apartment, she became a major grievance to me.  🔊

The media will not identify the student who came forth with a sexual harassment grievance against a local football coach.  🔊

If you suffered a permanent disability after using the recalled drug, you may take part in the grievance against the drug manufacturer.  🔊

The fraternal council is in charge of settling any grievance that occurs between fraternity houses.  🔊

In order to receive a refund, I must put my grievance in writing and then mail the complaint to the hotel manager.  🔊

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