Imperialism in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Imperialism

a course of action that involves vigorously expanding a nation’s power over other countries by any means necessary

Examples of Imperialism in a sentence

The country’s inability to embrace imperialism is responsible for its lack of geographical expansion over the years. 🔊

Under guise of protector, the United States has launched a campaign of imperialism that has enabled it to intrude upon smaller nations. 🔊

The nation’s imperialism has once again led to a war with a country that refuses to be controlled by outside authorities. 🔊

Through trade restrictions, the large country’s crusade of imperialism has allowed it to exert great influence over weaker countries. 🔊

Under Hitler’s direction, military imperialism increased the physical area of Germany through destructive means. 🔊

The smaller country lost much of its culture when it became a territory under the world power’s imperialism. 🔊

Because the people of the area wanted to be a self-governing state, they fought imperialism for many years. 🔊

The leader’s strategy of imperialism involves a war to take over the troubled nation. 🔊

As a result of imperialism, a once prosperous nation has become the puppet of a tyrant. 🔊

The president left the meeting after he was accused of planning an act of imperialism to control the oil wells of a neighboring nation. 🔊

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