Loathe in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Loathe

to hate very much

Examples of Loathe in a sentence

I loathe having to sit in the waiting room for hours. 🔊

Terri, a vegan advocate, would often loathe the thought of eating meat. 🔊

If you loathe your job so much, then go work somewhere else! 🔊

When you loathe school so much, it is difficult to take homework seriously. 🔊

Her loathe and disgust for racism was apparent. 🔊

If you loathe your financial situation, then consider going on a budget. 🔊

I loathe the sound of a barking dog, especially when I'm trying to sleep! 🔊

I loathe my husband for cheating on me! 🔊

Because the roommates loathe each other, they eventually went their separate ways. 🔊

He cannot help but loathe people who steal. 🔊

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