Hamartia in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hamartia

a fatal flaw that leads to the demise of a hero or protagonist

Examples of Hamartia in a sentence

Most tragic heroes have some sort of personal weakness, or a hamartia, that leads to their downfall in the story. 🔊

Achilles is a perfect example of a hero with hamartia, that being the legendary ‘Achilles’ Heel’ that led to his defeat. 🔊

When an author tries to create a hero with a hamartia, they often choose arrogance as the fatal flaw that leads to their demise. 🔊

The hamartia of a naïve hero may be the blind faith he has in others, leading him to be betrayed and destroyed by his traitorous companions. 🔊

Most protagonists do not have a hamartia because the writer does not intend for them to be defeated, which is only fitting for tragic heroes. 🔊

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