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When my husband died, I felt bereft of love and hope. 🔊

The car accident left Jeremiah bereft of the ability to move because of a spinal cord injury.  🔊

After learning she had won the lottery, Betty was bereft of speech. 🔊

The bereft parents felt hopeless when they learned of their daughter’s death.  🔊

Because David’s previous lawyer had lied to him about his chances of going free, he was bereft of confidence in his new lawyer.  🔊

All alone on the deserted island, the man felt completely bereft of hope.  🔊

Although Charles was bereft of his rights to physically see his children, he was still allowed to communicate with them on the telephone.  🔊

Since all the curtains were closed, the living room was bereft of sunlight.  🔊

The plant died because it was bereft of water.  🔊

Even though I was bereft of the money from my inheritance, I was still able to collect enough funds to open my restaurant.  🔊

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