Haphazard in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Haphazard

random, chaotic, incomplete

Examples of Haphazard in a sentence

1. Compared to her mother’s organized system, Jen’s approach to housekeeping was haphazard, at best. 🔉

2. The haphazard arrangement of different types of flowers created a surprisingly beautiful bouquet. 🔉

3. Because of the haphazard mixture of fabric pieces and the way they’re laid out, they call this a crazy quilt. 🔉

4. Steven’s notes were a haphazard jumble of thoughts and I couldn’t make any sense out of them. 🔉

5. In his haphazard approach to nearly everything, Dale finds that his life is full of surprises. 🔉

6. Even though the layout of the map looks haphazard, careful study will reveal a clever arrangement of landmarks pointing to the treasure. 🔉

7. Her haphazard method of arranging the furniture made the den look cluttered and somewhat disturbing. 🔉

8. While her life had been characterized by a series of haphazard events, Cynthia somehow managed to develop into a very organized, structured businesswoman. 🔉

9. If you notice haphazard circles on the surface of the ocean, keep watching because it means whales have been jumping in the area. 🔉

10. Despite Jerry’s haphazard study habits, he actually does quite well in all his courses. 🔉

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