Boisterous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Boisterous

Noisy, energetic, and rowdy

Examples of Boisterous in a sentence

The boisterous crowd rose to its feet, stamping their feet and loudly cheering for the NFL star after he scored a game-winning touchdown.  🔊

Your boisterous actions at church cannot be tolerated.  🔊

So yesterday, I rode in an upside-down roller coaster at Disney World... and the guy in-front of me vomited, spewing his barf all over my face - talk about a boisterous adventure!  🔊

Nothing is more boisterous than raising four boys and a husband.  🔊

If these boisterous dogs do not settle down and stop barking so much, I will send them to the pound.  🔊

One Georgia man is arrested for leading police on a boisterous car chase, a chase that compromised the safety for all drivers.  🔊

You are peaceful at school, but you are boisterous at home.  🔊

As boisterous as you are, I am surprised your doctor has not prescribed anxiety medication.  🔊

I may live life on the edge, but never will I attend a boisterous Vegas party again.  🔊

Even for her young age, Honey Boo Boo is a boisterous child, a child that shows no level of discipline nor a sense of order.  🔊

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