Heliograph in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Heliograph

a device for telegraphing that uses sun's rays flashed from a mirror to send signals

Examples of Heliograph in a sentence

During the 19th century, a heliograph was traditionally used to send sun-based signals over long distances. 🔊

Pivoting the mirror in the light, the solider was able to send a signal using the heliograph. 🔊

The heliograph was a simple telegraph machine that only needed a mirror and sun rays to function. 🔊

A heliograph was standard issue for many early 20th century militaries as it was used as a solar based communication device. 🔊

Though the mirror like heliograph was a great way to communicate during the day time, because it requires sunlight it could not be used to message at night. 🔊

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