Thematic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Thematic

pertaining to a certain topic, idea or matter

Examples of Thematic in a sentence

Ms. Taylor taught all of her subjects in her 4th grade class using a thematic unit about careers.  🔊

On the thematic map depicting the agriculture grown in the U.S., the students were able to determine that rice is grown in Mississippi and grapes on the West Coast.  🔊

While the scientist gathered his qualitative data, he was able to determine the pattern of rain due to his thematic analysis of the examined data.  🔊

After years of study, Dr. Hodges gave his thematic perspective to the development of the elephant’s lifespan before moving on to another animal.  🔊

A teacher’s thematic approach to reading short stories may help students understand the similarities in these stories.  🔊

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