Hodgepodge in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hodgepodge

a concoction or assortment of various things

Examples of Hodgepodge in a sentence

After many people dug through the different appetizers, the large platter was just a hodgepodge of different foods scattered all over the place. 🔊

With a hodgepodge of people at the meeting, there were people of different ages, occupations, heights and temperaments in attendance. 🔊

An analysis of the substance showed a hodgepodge of elements that had nothing in common with each other including poisons, protein powders and insulin. 🔊

Since every family member had specific food tastes, the mother made a favorite dish for each member creating a hodgepodge of dishes for dinner. 🔊

When I opened the junk drawer in the kitchen, there was a hodgepodge of tools, utensils, band-aids, medicines, batteries and food in there. 🔊

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