Iron Curtain in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Iron Curtain

an unstoppable blockade

Examples of Iron Curtain in a sentence

As the government agency tried to penetrate the iron curtain of the foreign country, it refused to give the agency access to their information.  🔊

Even the expert computer hacker couldn’t break through the iron curtain of Russia’s system to determine if they meddled in our election.  🔊

A master spy could not infiltrate the iron curtain established in this country’s government systems resulting in every single spy being captured.  🔊

Crossing the border into the neighboring country proved impossible when an iron curtain was created to halt the entrance of any non-citizen.  🔊

Following the war the country had such tight restrictions for entering their leadership’s organizations that no one could break the iron curtain to enter.  🔊

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