Coquette in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Coquette

a flirty lady with the male population to seek their appreciation

Examples of Coquette in a sentence

When the young man saw the coquette playfully teasing other men at the party, he was heartbroken. 🔊

At the party, the coquette was the center of attention since her display of affection toward the opposite sex was very noticeable. 🔊

Batting her eyes at every man that walked by, the coquette made the group of men ask her for a date. 🔊

Only when the coquette entered the room did the women feel threatened since she would laugh and toy with every man in the room.  🔊

With the coquette’s sulty stare and slight smirk at each of the four men in the room, they became putty in her hands.  🔊

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