However in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of However

on the opposite side

Examples of However in a sentence

Janice gave me an interesting excuse for coming home late; however, I think she left the truth out of her story. 🔊

In February the sales of Christmas decorations are low; however, this figure rises tremendously in November.  🔊

The article may seem boring to you; however, Jake thinks the philosophical editorial is enlightening. 🔊

Although the meeting did not end the war, it did, however, bring the two leaders together so they could begin discussing a treaty.  🔊

Jason is trying to be friendly by walking the women to their cars; however, his actions are coming across as creepy.  🔊

However, the begonias are plants that can grow in an environment with limited light.  🔊

The actor is somewhat older now; however, his acting ability has never been better.  🔊

Even though the actress prefers silk sheets, she will, however, sleep on fine cotton linens if there are no other options.  🔊

Bear in mind, however, that another customer might purchase the ring before you return tomorrow.  🔊

Flying coach might be cheaper; however, there are great upgrades that come with flying first class.  🔊

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