Husbandry in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Husbandry

the breeding and/or cultivation of animals and/or crops

Examples of Husbandry in a sentence

Because we engage in husbandry and produce our own food, we do not have huge grocery store bills.  🔊

Elena studied animal husbandry in school so she could take over the family business of sheep farming.  🔊

With many years of husbandry experience to his credit, Dr. Marks is viewed as an expert on the subject of breeding cattle.  🔊

If you do not plant your crops on fertile soil, your efforts in husbandry will be futile.  🔊

These days, small vegetable farmers cannot compete with the big companies that are beginning to put sizable resources into husbandry.  🔊

Since Fred has no one helping him on his huge farm, it is hard for him to practice good animal husbandry.  🔊

During my week on a pig farm, I learned about every aspect of husbandry from producing crops to caring for animals.  🔊

Technological tools such as mechanical vegetable pickers have greatly changed the way husbandry is conducted.  🔊

Although Bill has always wanted to be a horse breeder, he chose a major in business instead of husbandry.  🔊

In our animal husbandry class, we studied over eight hundred cow breeds.  🔊

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