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Definition of Fallow

not being used

Examples of Fallow in a sentence

At the end of summer, the once crowded beaches become fallow as the young people return to school.  🔊

During the great financial depression, millions of families lost their farms because the high price of goods left them unable to plant on their fallow land.  🔊

A city meeting is being held to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of building a museum on the fallow property that sits on the corner of Main Street and State Street.  🔊

For four months after my knee surgery, my dancing shoes remained fallow in the closet.  🔊

In my desk drawer, I have a collection of fallow cellphones that enlarges every time a new smartphone comes onto the market.  🔊

The beautiful park you see today is a result of young school children planting seeds in a fallow field twenty years ago.  🔊

In poorer communities, fertile land is often fallow because farmers cannot afford to buy seeds.  🔊

If the oil workers go on strike, the refinery could be fallow for weeks and cause a huge increase in fuel prices.  🔊

Until the arena can be properly repaired, it will remain fallow and unavailable for public events.  🔊

For several years now, the government has been paying overproducing farmers to leave some of their land fallow.  🔊

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