Hydroplane in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hydroplane

to skim the surface of water while moving at high speed

Examples of Hydroplane in a sentence

As the rain poured, the trucker slowed his speed so he could lesson his chance of making the eighteen wheeler hydroplane.  🔊

Stuck in a ditch, the woman realized that hitting the brake when she hit the puddle was what caused the car to hydroplane.  🔊

Bracing the wheel, the novice driver had no clue what to do as the car began to hydroplane off the road.  🔊

A slick road combined with bad brakes and old tires lead the car to hydroplane and careen down the embankment.  🔊

Even though he was not the only driver to hydroplane during the thunderstorm, the man was embarrassed that he had lost control of his vehicle.  🔊

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