Ibidem in a Sentence  πŸ”Š

Definition of Ibidem

denotes a footnote citation that was already referenced in a prior footnote

Examples of Ibidem in a sentence

Because I had already written the footnote once, when it came up on another page later I simply marked it as Ibidem.  πŸ”Š

If you see the word β€˜Ibidem’ in a footnote, it means that particular footnote has already been mentioned on a different page.  πŸ”Š

The word Ibidem refers to a footnote that has already been made, so the writer doesn’t have to write the same footnote multiple times.  πŸ”Š

An Ibidem in a scholarly paper is simply denoting a footnote that has already been mentioned but has come up a second time.  πŸ”Š

To avoid writing out the same footnote every time it comes up in a paper, you can mark the footnotes following the original as Ibidem.  πŸ”Š

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